Fluxcleaning by Indufinish, your flux will never be the same again!

Fluxcleaner 2.0

Fluxcleaner 2.0, all-round flux control

The employability in hot dip galvanizing companies with year capacities between 1.000 – 50.000 tons makes Fluxcleaner 2.0 an one-size-fits-all concept. The Fluxcleaner features the dosing of stripping acid or ZnCl2-solution as well the dosing of proprietary flux salts

  • Extremely compact, footprint only amounts 3 m2
  • Ultra chemically resistant because of “PP all the way”.
  • Very maintenance- and user friendly because of  the simple construction and the globally obtainable components.
  • Very reliable because of application of A-class components that can be serviced globally.
  • Low use of chemicals because of a smart dosing system.
  • solid filter cake because of accurate process control.Fully automated by Siemens S7 and TP.
  • Whether it’s process control of a new flux or optimizing an existing flux,  Fluxcleaner 2.0 is the best solution for a constant quality level of your flux.