Fluxcleaning by Indufinish, your flux will never be the same again!

Fluxcleaning proces

An intelligent but very simple dosing system enables a low use of chemicals and a stable process. The standard version uses hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. An extension with stripping acid or ZnCl2 is possible. These chemicals together constitute the ingredients of the flux so it is possible to keep your flux in excellent condition without extra purchasing of flux salts!

Because of the low dosing and dosing speed it is possible to adjust the fluxcleaner so, that ratio and density remain at a constant level. For this standard chemicals are being used at a – in the hot dip galvanizing area – unusual pH level.

Indufinish Proces

Running at a pH of 2,3 is not only advantageous for the fluxcleaner (faster reaction and a more dry semi-solid filtercake)but also as latest step in your pretreatment. Compared with a pH of 4,3 the flux is more active at a pH of 2,3. This activity enables the flux to perform optimum as “fine-pickling”. The herewith created iron will simply removed by the fluxcleaner.

A long term test (6 months) showed that a lower flux pH can increase the galvanizing quality significantly. This can lead to substantial cost reductions in the area of after work or repair work.