Because of the high level of knowledge in our organisation, we can offer high-quality technological solutions to every client


Indufinish specialises in surface treatment technology. We have been active in that industry for over 25 years. We focus our work on no less than five segments: powder coating, e-coat, pretreatment for hot-dip galvanizing, anodising and plating technology. This versatility, combined with the broad scope of our knowledge, makes us a unique player in the market.

Indufinish was established after a merger between LBtec and Indufinish. The two companies met in 2000 and have worked together ever since. The strong chemistry between them made it clear to us very quickly that combining the two firms would result in a very strong company.

Our clients use our expertise in various ways. For instance, some of our clients may see us only as a components supplier, whereas for other clients we are responsible for the design and the installation of complete turnkey solutions. In addition, we also carry out repairs, perform maintenance and optimise existing installations.

  • Specialists in surface treatment technology
  • 5 disciplines: powder coating, e-coat, pretreatment for hot-dip galvanizing, anodising, electroplating
  • Synergy through our knowledge of five disciplines
  • Quality and reliability
  • Made in the Netherlands - powered by Dutch technology
  • A great deal of attention to research & development
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