Safety is naturally an important aspect when setting up the system. That is why all our technicians have valid safety certificates


All systems that we deliver are built up and assembled by our own technicians. To ensure that the assembly is carried out as well and quickly as possible, we pay a great deal of attention to complete delivery in a logical sequence. LEAN manufacturing is a guiding principle in this.

After you have met our assembly leader and after you have been given an explanation of the work and the sequence of the assembly, the setup of the system that you have purchased will commence. You will receive frequent progress reports so that any positive or negative events will be clear for you immediately and can then be utilised or tackled.

We work with a phased delivery of components. System components are only delivered when they can be taken immediately to the correct location.

I/O checks are performed after the complete system has been constructed. We check all the functionalities in the system precisely to confirm that they are working before you start using the system. Cooperation with the chemicals supplier can be very important in this. Pumps, heating and spray systems can only be started up in cooperation with the chemicals supplier.

  • VCA certified (Contractors’ Safety Checklist)
  • Continuous training of assembly personnel
  • Commissioning = training
  • Full Surface