Added value from our engineering department


Engineering plays a major role at Indufinish. Our engineering department is where concepts become functional entities, where ideas and innovations are formed and where efficiency, productivity, availability and accessibility are realised.

Our engineers work with advanced 3D software. This lets us obtain a highly realistic picture of your installation, not only of the entire project, but also of the details. Several engineers are always involved in any one project. They look at the chosen solutions and techniques critically together. Key points they pay attention to are the accessibility of your installation in terms of maintenance and looking for ways of saving or reusing energy.

The engineers at Indufinish have the broadest picture possible of our product range. We do not work with a classification into market segments. We believe that an approach like that is an obstacle, preventing maximum synergy of knowledge and technology. Our engineers can design any type of installation. This creates synergy advantages for you, the client. You will benefit from the know-how and experience that we have built up in other types of surface treatments. Our engineers can therefore often come up with surprising solutions that are innovative and increase efficiency.

  • LEAN manufacturing
  • Milling technique using CNC flat-bed milling machines
  • Synergy benefits