The best way to prevent waste is to make sure that it can never occur in the first place

LEAN manufacturing

LEAN manufacturing is an important part of our business philosophy. It is a procedure that we want to use for continuous optimisation. Is there often wastage in the production process? Are there any faults? Is there overproduction, needless waiting or unnecessary transport? What is the best possible way for us to use the available capacity and creativity?

Minimising wasted use of time, materials and space will ensure an attractive cost price. We do not have to explain to you - the clients - how advantageous that is. We also use the LEAN principle in engineering at Indufinish. It is an important criterion when designing an installation.

All plastic components are manufactured at our modern workshop. Milling techniques with CNC flat-bed milling machines have an important role in this work. We also have various facilities for welding and bending plastics by machine. After manufacturing the plastic components (in thermoplastics: PE, PP, PVC or PVDF) and foam plastic panels, we combine the monoparts and subassemblies into installation components. Our TÜV certified plastics welders use both wire welding and extrusion welding techniques.


  • LEAN manufacturing
  • Milling technique using CNC flat-bed milling machines
  • Synergy benefits