Our wide ranging knowledge of surface treatments lets us guarantee the best possible quality


Over the years, Indufinish has completed numerous projects in the anodising industry. We have gained a lot of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing components, as well as complete production systems.
We design your anodising system and then we manufacture it, set it up and commission it on location at your company. Every system we deliver is equipped with the requisite peripheral equipment such as vapour extraction, rectifiers, tank ventilation, pipes, pumps, mechanical tank movement and e.g. anode and cathode systems.

Indufinish tries to respond as well as possible to market demand. For instance, we have noticed that the increasing use of aluminium is causing an increase in the demand for electrochemical oxidation. There is also increasing demand for pre-anodisation, a technique in which thin anodising layers are applied. This procedure is used as a pretreatment in the powder coating industry, where we have accumulated a vast amount of experience.
Our extensive knowledge of anodisation and powder coating lets us offer high-quality surface treatment combinations of this type. And you will benefit from this. We contact chemicals suppliers regularly. This means that we are fully aware of the latest trends and techniques in the anodising industry.

  • Process knowledge
  • Lower emissions
  • Optimum cooling technology
  • Logistics solutions