Optimised tank movements not only ensure very good coating results, but also reduce maintenance


Indufinish has acquired a great deal of experience with e-coat. Electrophoresis is a collective term for coating processes in which paint particles are precipitated onto a product by an electric current. As in powder coating, the paint particles then have to polymerise and harden. In e-coat, products can be linked to either the cathode or the anode. Both types of processes are used in the industry.

Indufinish designs, manufactures and installs components as well as complete production lines for this industry. We design, manufacture and set up complete painting lines ourselves, and after delivery we can supervise the startup of your production.

Take a look at our video about e-coat.

  • Aware of the latest state-of-the-art e-coat technology
  • ‘Teach-in’ mode in automation
  • Renovating and innovative
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