Our process tanks have long lifespans and are designed and manufactured specifically for the process


Indufinish designs, manufactures and installs complete production systems and components for electroplating. We design electroplating systems ourselves, after which we manufacture them, set them up and commission them on location for you as a client. Every system we deliver is equipped with the requisite peripheral equipment such as vapour extraction, rectifiers, tank ventilation, pipes, pumps, mechanical tank movement and e.g. anode and cathode systems.

Electroplating technology is highly sustainable. Various substrates are given an extremely thin outer layer, which can have a very wide range of characteristics. Steel, for instance, becomes wear-resistant after applying a chrome layer, or corrosion-resistant if a thin nickel or zinc layer is applied. Brass is decorated with chrome, gold or silver in the sanitary and lighting industries, for instance. Silver does not discolour anymore if rhodium is applied, while a thin layer of palladium ensures that nozzles in printers function well. Furthermore, without electroplating technology there would be no printed circuit boards and chips.

Indufinish regularly contacts various electroplating chemicals suppliers. This ensures that we remain aware of the latest technological developments, such as ionic liquids.

Take a look at our video about elektroplating.

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