Fluxcleaning by Indufinish, your flux will never be the same again!


Fluxcleaning by Indufinish, your flux will never be the same again!

Over the last years the flux has been in the spotlights, or to refraze a clean flux has. It’s no secret that lower iron concentrations is advantageous in hot-dip galvanizing. Since decades system builders tried to develop a reliable system to remove iron.

Until 2007 no system builder succeeded. In 2006 Indufinish was ordered to build a prototype that needed to meet the next criteria: compact, reliable, available, maintenance friendly, low chemical consumption and user friendly. After many years of experience and the supply of over 30 Fluxcleaners we are confident that our Fluxcleaner meets these criteria!

Fluxcleaning process

An intelligent but very simple dosing system enables a low use of chemicals and a stable process. The standard version uses hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. An extension with stripping acid or ZnCl2 is possible. These chemicals together constitute the ingredients of the flux so it is possible to keep your flux in excellent condition without extra purchasing of flux Salts!

Return on investment (ROI)

Based on your data we are able to calculate your payback time quickly. In this calculation we also include maintenance costs and operational costs. Depending on your situation a payback time of less than 1 year is achievable.


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