We know a great deal about process technology and are therefore able to give suitable advice about the use and reuse of water

Water treatment

Indufinish designs and manufactures water treatment systems together with you and the chemicals supplier. We call this ‘co-makership’. ‘Economic feasibility’ and ‘impact on the environment’ are important keywords that we use when designing our water and wastewater treatment systems.

An integral approach is possible thanks to our knowledge of chemical processes in surface treatment and our knowledge of water regeneration processes. We investigate if it is possible to tackle it at the source. We therefore first check if regeneration of the process is possible. If that is not possible, we see if it is useful to treat the corresponding rinsing water flow separately.

We try to find the best solution for your situation, making innovative use of the best existing techniques. Extension of the serviceable life of process liquids, reuse of water, saving water, reductions in the use of chemicals, reduction and prevention of sludge production - these are all important aspects of this.

  • Knowledge of processes and water regeneration
  • Component construction is done ourselves
  • Fully automated water regeneration systems